Singularity in every detail

Castalla assumes a risky personality. The current market situation pushes us to do what others do not, to study each project exhaustively and to say yes to new challenges.

After three decades of experience, today we live in a very special, different, full of results, the result of constant effort, and also challenges that look to the future. We enjoy a constant evolution based on research, design, craftsmanship and the experience of our team of technicians, designers and master carpenters.

We offer sensations and experiences. Our philosophy: to create doors and unique interior design, with its own personality.

We produce quality, differentiated and special products, where innovation coexists with tradition and aesthetics with functionality.

We feel that now is the time to make it possible and we want you to be here to share it. Experience the Castalla experience with us.

Castalla Experience

Every project is unique

Castalla’s activities include not only development, production and marketing, but also technological and aesthetic research, and above all the support for architects, builders and promoters in their projects. With the best advice from our team of technicians and designers, who will provide solutions to the needs by providing a detailed study of the options that best suit each project.

All the Castalla manufacture takes place in our carpenters workshops, located in the province of Alicante. This is the scenario of a manufacturing process of the highest quality, based on the traditional method of production, which combines craftsmanship and technology.

The Castalla differentiation is the wide range of technical and customized solutions for each project. It will provide freedom to face the design of any space from a perspective without limitations. The result: the perfect association between aesthetics and functionality.

The experience of our team, added to the best collaborators and suppliers, provides great flexibility and customization in our products.

At your service

Discover everything Castalla offers you


We are skilled artisans with the greatest knowledge of the sector. We create products with care that report personality.


You cant trust that at the end of each project, you have chosen the best solution.


The largest range of doors in the market. More than 300 models and hundreds of finishes available.


We offer you guarantee of a unique product, using the best materials and tools.


We are master carpenters and we treat each piece with care. Our expertise and love for the job makes daily work something special.


We offer the fastest and most complete service in the market. Doors up to 3 weeks.


All the fittings and accessories that allow you to choose your best customized solution.


Our design and R & D departments combine creativity and research to offer you the latest solutions and trends.


In Castalla you enjoy a complete attention from the advice to the after-sales service.


There is always a team at Castalla Doors willing to assist you and help you in all your needs.


Castalla is constantly growing to offer an integral interior design service.


Solutions in technical doors, special integral interventions and studies of your project.


Large production capacity

  • Castalla, puertas e interiorismo
  • Castalla, puertas e interiorismo
  • Castalla, puertas e interiorismo
  • Castalla, puertas e interiorismo
  • Castalla, puertas e interiorismo


Opening doors to the world

Castalla ECO

Natural balance

La búsqueda continua de las cosas bien hechas supone respeto. El principal origen de nuestros productos es la naturaleza y sus recursos. En Castalla somos conscientes de la importancia de un equilibrio natural que asegure el futuro de nuestro planeta.

Por ello, cumplimos las normativas de gestión forestal sostenible y gestión ambiental. Cubrimos las normativas más exigentes aunque no es este el principal objetivo de Castalla, sino el mantener día a día una filosofía coherente que va desde el respeto por la tradición, por lo manual y lo autóctono, hasta la responsabilidad de realizar productos de alta calidad, mediante procesos que respeten el medio ambiente.

En definitiva, la búsqueda continua de la excelencia.